VAr 37 | Sailing


The main reason to buy a VAr 37 is the sailing performance. From the German ‘Die Yacht’ review issue 23/2013 of the VAr 37 in the rough waters off La Rochelle, France:

“The winds were 16 to 20 knots from the southeast and built a rather short sea, about a half a meter high. In these conditions the boat remains relatively dry, while making from 6.9 to 7.2 knots and tacking through about 80 degrees when sailed properly. Even more impressive than the sheer data was the feeling of control. With just 1.4 turns from lock to lock the excellent Jefa system works quite directly. The wheel transfers the driver inputs to the rudder with zero slippage and minimal friction.”

“On Broad reach the 37 accelerated during the test easily to 8-9 knots and sometimes reached above 10 knots. She is agile in the turns, responsive when healing and tolerates wind gusts easily. Everything was good under way, a boat for sailors.”

The excellent handling and performance is thanks to the refined Judel Vrolijk design and not skimping on top quality gear like the Jefa rudder bearing system. She goes upwind astonishingly fast, even in short steep seas, thanks to the fine entry angle of 21% and very well developed rudder and keel. So many modern yachts have pushed interior volume out and forward, giving an entry angle of 25 – 30%, which is great if you want a floating condo, but not so great if you wish to sail fast on all points. With the genoa tracks well inboard on the cabinhouse, she points closer to the wind than even the Hanse 370 on which she is based (which has genoa tracks quite a bit farther outboard on the deck). She truly is designed for sailors.  Download the German review under the VAr 37 Technical Docs link.   Our Translation is available under the Reviews section.

Yacht World September 2014 VAr 37 review, Page 45+ This was a review of 3 boats, a VAr 37, a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37 and a Bavaria Cruiser 37.

“However, the Varianta (VAr) soon won over all the testers on the water. With a solid Force 5 blowing down the Solent, she behaved obediently and tacked sharply.” “A large and seemingly dated single wheel provides light and excellent feel on the helm. She’s nimble, quick and a real pleasure to sail simply for sailing’s sake.”

“What immediately set the test boats apart was the difference in speed and pointing ability of the Varianta, particularily against the Bavaria. She smoked the other 2 yachts upwind, despite having a fixed prop – we had to keep luffing up to let the other 2 catch up for the benefit of the photographer.”

“The Varianta (VAr) was easily the most rewarding boat to sail, not because she felt like a race boat, but because she was so well-balanced, so light on the helm and so easy to feel on the wheel.”