Why VAr?

Hanse Group was formed in 1993 using a Swedish yacht builder’s molds (Aphrodite) and workers from a former East German yacht yard purchased by Michael Schmidt. He sold the firm in 2011 and retired.

Hanse Group has been the fastest growing sailboat builder in the world over the past 8 years, and as of 2013 is now the 2nd largest. US sales doubled 2010 to 2012, after 8 years in the US w steady growth. Over 1,000 boats in 2013. A management and production team composed of experienced yachtsmen and woman who have competed and won at the highest levels. Michael Schmidt ran several winning German Admiral’s Cup teams with designs from Judel/Vrolijk. The production manager is Karl Dehler, former CEO / owner of Dehler Yachts (which is now part of the Hanse group) and also an avid racer.

Since 1999, all designs have been from Judel/Vrolijk, one of the most prestigious firms, having designed the America’s Cup winner Alingi and many other award wining yachts. More awards. Many Hanse Group yachts have won Boat of the Year, including the big sister to the V37, the Hanse 400. The Hanse 370 was Hanse’s best selling model ever. The Hanse 430 was famous for winning races including the Baltic Cup and many others.

A true shipyard with direct ocean access, which allows all yachts to be tested at sea, not just in a pool, and includes many sailors on the yard team, allowing for better built yachts. Hanse Group now builds two lines of motorboats (Fjord and Sealine) and four sailboat lines; Hanse, Moody, Dehler, and for the US Market, VAr.


Background on the VAr project

VAr represents a back to basics. A return to the simple, strong, fast yachts Hanse Group is known for. Many  Hanse’s have been purchased by sailing clubs and schools, but even more have been purchased by sailors looking for a yacht that is good looking, fast and fun to sail with and a simple, easy to maintain interior.  Of course, many sailors like advanced systems and the more elaborate interiors found on most modern boats. Those with a focus on cruising should consider Hanse. Dehler offers high performance racer cruisers. Moody offers traditional cruising and pilothouse yachts, both with a high level of interior finishing. But if the idea of something basic with great lines, amazing performance, offshore capable and very east to sail, then a new VAR might be for you.

  • There is no overstating the value that a highly knowledgeable, world class Naval Architecture firm will bring to a project. Although a new VAr is reasonably priced, it benefits from being designed by what is easily one of the finest and more prestigious firms in the world, Judel/Vrolijk or JV, who’s success in the America’s cup and with numerous other designs and high end builders have established them at the top of the heap. Hanse Group is the only large production yard they work for.
  • Sound Sailing Center, US Agent for VAr has a full wood and machine shop, allowing us to customize your VAr in some amazing ways, including adding VArnished woodwork, while still keeping it simple and inexpensive. We also have a sailing school and membership program, where you can sail a VAr for a low yearly fee at our location. We expect other similar programs around the country will likewise offer the membership option, allowing you to try before you buy.
  • Your needs may change, and we are making available an innovative package of options that can be added down the road, so your VAr can change w you. You might start out using her for club racing, with little focus on the interior or deck gear to make sail handling easier. In this case, the standard boat is perfect for you. But lets say you start doing more cruising, and want more storage. Easy to add additional cabinets in any of the cabins. Or say business is good, and you want an upgraded interior. Sending us the Cabinet fronts and we can return them, along with a few additional parts, beautifully trimmed and Varnished in a wood of your choice.
  • Shorthanded sailing is the focus of our sister company, Dutchmar, which developed the Dutchman Sail Flaking System and several other products. We have some amazing idea’s about how to make sailing easier and faster, and they all can be added to you new VAr, either before delivery, or down the road. Think of it as adding apps to your boat!