A New VAr vs. a Used Boat

You may also be considering a used boat. Your new VAr is often well below the cost of a more complicated or limited production new boat, and in many ways is comparable to the classic racers cruisers which were so popular in the 1980’s to 2000. If you are not skilled with yacht repairs and servicing, then consider the following costs for owning a 15 – 20 year old yacht around 40′, which make the VAr a better value than many older boats. Remember, after spending this money, you will still have a 15-25 year old boat that may only be worth $50-60,000. The number of sailors who have bought an old boat for $20-40k, and proceeded to sink over $50-60 k into them is amazing. I helped to deliver an Oday 39 which a student bought (without using us as his broker) for $38k. He was convinced he got a great deal. After spending over $50k in the first year, he knows his great deal was far from that, and the boat is still not a great boat, or a boat I would even begin to consider taking offshore.


Topsides, Hull and Rigging

  • Paint the hull, $200-250 a foot (every 10-15 yrs) $8,000
  • Replace the plexi in the hatches and ports, typ $400 / hatch, $100 / port (every 15 yrs) $2,000
  • Pull, seal core, rebed deck fittings (every 12-15 yrs) $8,000
  • Paint decks (every 15 yrs) $12,000
  • New sails (every 8-12 yrs) $7,000
  • New running rigging (every 10 yrs)$2,000
  • New standing rigging and lifelines (every 15-20 yrs) $6,000
  • Repaint the mast (if a painted mast, every 15 yrs) $4,000
  • Low friction track system (essential with older painted masts) $1,00010.
  • Replace worn out deck hardware (every 10-15 yrs) $1,000
  • Pull and rebed thru hulls as needed (every 10-15 yrs) $1,000
  • Strip and barrier coat bottom, possibly deal with blisters (every 10 yrs) $8,000
  • Drop keel, inspect bolts, reinstall keel (every 15-20 yrs most boats) $5,000

Subtotal | $65,000


Electrical and Mechanical

  • New running and interior lights (every 10-15 yrs) -1,000
  • New batteries (every 5-8 yrs) -1,000Replace primary Nav Instruments (every 10-12 yrs) $3,000
  • Replace pumps (every 3-7 yrs) $1,000
  • Replace GPS/Plotter (every 4-6 yrs) $3,000
  • Replace autopilot (every 6-10 yrs) $5,000
  • Replace charging system, 110 charger, galvanic isolator (every 6-10 yrs) $1,000
  • Replace diesel engine (every 15-20 yrs) $14,000
  • Replace diesel tank (if alum or SS – every 15-20 yrs) -1,000
  • Replace fridge (every 6-8 yrs) -2,000
  • Replace thruhulls (every 12-15 yrs) -2,000
  • Replace cutlass bearing, stuffing, service prop (every 10 yrs, 1 yr on stuffing) $1,000

Subtotal | $35,000



  • Replace holding tank, sewage lines and toilet (every 4-6 yrs) $2,000
  • Replace upholstery (every 10-15 yrs) $4,000
  • Revarnish floors and steps, touch up interior Vnish (every 2-4 yrs) $2,000
  • Major revarnish of interior woodwork (every 15 yrs) $10,000
  • Repaint bilges and lockers (every 10 yrs) $4,000

Subtotal | $22,000


Primary advantages of a new VAr over an old higher quality used yacht

  • Walk thru transom for easier loading / unloading from a dingy
  • Much larger cockpit than older boats — invite the whole gang out.
  • Jefa Rudder bearings with a single wheel for easy finger tip steering.
  • Significantly better performance from the longer waterline.
  • 3 spacious staterooms with double berths (2 staterooms are standard).
  • Midships head with a shower.More stability from the T keel.
  • More interior room from the longer waterline (and lower docking / winter storage fees).
  • Wider beam aft for faster and more predictable handling off the wind with a larger cockpit.

VAr | Competitors (Click to view PDF)