Where to Sail | Purchase

Your new VAr can be test sailed or purchased  thru your local Hanse Group dealer, or from one of the Sailing Clubs which use VAr yachts in a one design or membership program. Sound Sailing Center is the US Agent for VAr Yachts.


Group / Club purchases / One Design Fleets A new VAr is a great club racer, and can be ideal for group purchases to form a one design fleet. Simple owner / driver rules and reefable one design sails with the most advanced sail handling technology produce a yacht significantly faster yet easier to sail than any competitor. With a reasonable interior, she can easily compete around the buoys or in the Newport Bermuda race, where we expect to gather enough owners to have a one-design fleet in 2016 for the 37 and 44. The following organizations will have include V37’s in their fleets, which can be shown by appointment. A test sail can also be arranged if you are interested in a membership or purchase. The date provided is when we estimate the VAr will be sailing.

Sound Sailing Center  — Please visit soundsailingcenter.com for more information. VAr 37 arrives June, 2014. A Hanse 430 is available to show locally (same hull as VAr 44)

  • US Sailing certified instruction is available, with intensive seatrials standard.
  • The largest sailing school / club in the Metro NY / Southern NE area.
  • US Sailing Certified classes and Instruction.
  • Club / Membership program for those new to sailing, not ready to buy, or not interested in owning / maintaining a yacht.

Over 30 years of experience importing and servicing Northern European Yachts (US Importer for the Dutch built Contest Yachts 1962 – 1995), Hanse dealer since 2005. Contest builds custom high end yachts, and we keep one in our fleet. We offer superior service. In 1986, Practical Sailor noted in a review that “The Contest boats have developed a strong reputation mostly because of attention to detail and good service from their importer.” Likewise, we work hard to give great service to all our Hanse owners. Any one of our 16 Hanse owners can give a strong testimonial.

Principal Martin van Breems has over 40,000 offshore miles in the last 20 years including the only Americans to finish the 2000 Ostar singlehanded race from Plymouth UK to Newport RI. Buyers receive unique lessons in single handed docking and advanced sailing skills. We have far more experience than most other dealers. We have sailed our Hanse 400 offshore from CT to Bermuda to St Thomas USVI every year since 07, and have raced her in the St Thomas Yacht Club Rolex (4th in class in 2010. Likewise, in 2008 we raced our Hanse 470 in the Newport Bermuda Race. In 1999 Martin was 2nd over the line (3 days and 1 hour) in the Bermuda 1/2 and has been the captain on 4 Newport / Bermuda races. He also was 2nd in class in the 2000 singlehanded transatlantic race from Plymouth UK to Newport RI. Over 70% of the non-pro’s dropped out of this race. One 320 delivered, one 370 / one 375, one 385 (6/12), five 400’s, four 430’s (one 2011), two 470’s one 540, two 545’s (2011).

We also serviced Michael Schmidt’s (the then owner of HanseGroup) personal 630. All our customers will give us the best recommendation possible for honest business dealing, good pricing, and knowledgeable service. An excellent agent / dealer will make for a far more pleasurable buying experience, and will save you much time, money and aggravation. We are looking for additional dealers, and will primarily focus on Sailing Schools and Clubs who can both use a new VARas a member boat or teaching platform, and as a demonstrator for the sales of new boats.