Interior | VAr 44

VAr comes with a simple yet functional interior. There is extensive locker space, more than many other cruising yachts. Her galley includes a two burner stove and oven, along with a basic 12 volt fridge in the well insulated icebox. Our US option list allows you, for example, to double the size of the icebox, and add more countertop space, if needed for longer cruises.

If you are looking a traditional varnished wood interior straight from the factory, this is not your boat. Having said that, there are almost no production boats out there with real wood / varnished interior. Having said that, the interior is easy to modify, and if you like a little real wood with varnish, as we do, this is rather simple to add. Your new VAr should be seen a functional starting point, to which you can customize as much as you wish, and end up with an interior you want at a price far below that of other builders.

We can provide interior upgrade quotes from some of America’s finest yachtbuilders, who can take your VAr and finish her off to whatever level you wish.