VAr 44

Across the Sound or across the Ocean, VAr 44 will get you there with speed, style and room to spare. VAr offers three to four staterooms and is based on one of the fastest production racer/cruisers, the Hanse 430.


The Hanse 430 offered astonishing performance, and has been perhaps the most successful Hanse model on the race course. It was also the most successful model for us at Sound Sailing Center, with four sold in 4 years. Owners have crossed oceans, won all manner of races, and cruised far and wide. So when Hanse replaced her with the more spacious and comfortable Hanse 445, they decided the Hanse 430 should live on. Over 2,400 lbs was shaved off by using a simpler deck and interior, giving her a displacement of just 21,660 lbs. Outboard shrouds allow a lighter mast section. The mast is the same rig as on the much larger Hanse 445 with a SA/D ratio of 21.5 and a displacement of 24,250 lbs. The mainsail luff is over 54′, more than a J46 for example. A single wheel for better feel and again, less weight and less cost (but still with state of the art Jefa roller bearings on the rudder). Every aspect was carefully evaluated to create a fun, fast yacht that could win some silver, and then take the gang for a two week cruise in comfort. Gear selection also focused on ease of maintenance. The cabinhouse ports are durable anodized aluminum, instead of a painted finish. Waterline stripes are gelcoat, instead of the tape other builders use. Lots of thoughtful details make for a yacht that will be easy to buy and inexpensive to maintain.

The simple, strong construction means you can take her offshore or make a mistake, and she’ll take care of you. The buying power of the Hanse Group, now the worlds 2nd largest yachtbuilder, makes her affordable. Satisfaction is assured by Sound Sailing Center with 30 years of experience in selling and customizing European Yachts for the US market. We were the importer of the Dutch built Contest Yachts from 1962 to 1993 and have worked with the Hanse Group since 2005. You can enjoy the performance and comfort of a proven racer cruiser with a 5 year hull warranty for about the price of a used yacht. Sounds like a winning formula to us! Several sailing schools and shared use membership programs will be offering V37’s with more sizes to come, so you can try one on yourself.