VAr 37 | Exterior

Simple, purposeful yet elegant well describe the Var37 exterior. The lines are clean and highly attractive. She will be a yacht you will be proud of as you approach her from a distance in your favorite harbor. Her large wheel allows you to sit well outboard for the optimal view, and her highly effective non-skid allows you to safely move around on deck. A simple stern seat set up saves the weight and expense of a folding arrangement but still allows easy boarding. Again from the Die Yacht review;

“The hull of the Judel Vrolijk Design is based on the Hanse 370 from 2005, a moderately broad and still contemporary design. No hull development, no mold = money saved. The cabin top has been redesigned. It has simple, but quite pleasing lines that eliminate a few hours during lamination, and is generally inexpensive to manufacture. Simplicity = money saved. Thus, the halyards for example, do not run through conduits, and there was no self-tacking jib track molded in the deck. There is only one helm and the standard version does not feature a furler. Less Gear = money saved.”